Tree Service

Here is a list of specialized tree services that AllCare Tree Surgery provides in order to protect your trees and property now and in the future:

Tree Care in Bluffton, SCFertilizing and bug spraying

We will establish a multi-year plan to best suit the needs of your trees, with a re-evaluation of the plan after three years. It is the best way to save the health of your tree as well as your money in the long run. Commercial properties with many trees should be examined once a month initially and then re-evaluated over time. Fertilization should occur twice per year in the spring and in the fall, and bug spraying should occur once per year in the spring. This will all be considered in your multi-year plan custom tailored to you by AllCare Tree Surgery.

Lightning Services

Lightning Protection of specific trees to protect those near buildings or those deemed to be of great value to the property. National Fire Protection Association (780 F-1) calls for lightning protection of trees within 10’ of a structure or whose branches extend above the structure because of the possibility of side flash.

Construction Consultation

It is vital to protect trees before, during and after a construction project or new development to prevent damage to roots and limbs from heavy machinery and soil grade changes.

Radial Trenching and Verti-mulching

This is a system that de-compacts soil and incorporates beneficial elements back into trees root system.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing serves to protect trees that may have weak wood or a tendency to break in high winds

Also check our comprehensive tree trimming services that will get your tress that beautiful appearance you always wanted!

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